• Do not use the pressure cooker without liquid. It can be damage seriously. Always put at least one glass of water in it.
  • Use a suitable stove for the pressure cooker.
  • If your stove is working with gas, give attention to the flames. It can not come over the bottom of the pot.
  • If you are using it over a hot plate, give attention to the diameter of the hot plate. It has to be equal or smaller than the bottom of the pot.
  • The ventiles of the pot are very sensitive. Conform to the cleaning and care instructions. Use only the original spare parts. (see technical service).
  • It ıs very important to clean the pot systematicly.
  • If the ventiles do not work, apply to the nearest service center.
  • If there will be a problem because of being hit, bending, leaning from side during transportation, there will not be a good cooking and it will be dangerous. When you buy the product please check it by your eyes if the lid is leaking by closing the lid and pouring water on it. If there is a leaking please contact the store that you have bought it.






  • Read all of the instructions.
  • Do not touch the hot surfaces. Use the handles or buttons.
  • Be careful when you are using the pressure cooker in an environment with children.
  • Do not put the pressure cooker in a hot oven.
  • Be careful while carrying the pressure cooker full of hot liquid.
  • Do not use the pressure cooker except its aim.
  • This pot works with steam pressure. If you use it careless it can cause accidents like steam burns. Before beginning to cook check the lid if you closed correctly or not.
  • Fill the pot to the maximum rate of -/-. If you are cooking the foods which widens after cooking like ice and dried vegetable, fill it to the maximum rate of.
  • Do not cook apple mash, cornelian cherry, sour cherry, barley, oaf, peas OR the other pulse mashings, vermicelli, macaroni, spagetti etc. These kind of foods can be foam and boil over and they can plug the steam emptying system.
  • Before using check all the ventiles if they are working or not.
  • After cooking do not open the lid before getting sure that the pressure has reduced.
  • Do not use the pressure cooker frying food with oil.
  • Do not cook foods which can stick to the bottom like rice.




  • All kinds of detergents are usable.
  • Don’t use hard granulated materials on outer surface.
  • Don’t use wire cleaners.
  • Dry it after rinsing.
  • Use vinegar, or leman to clean heavy dirts.
  • You can use dishwasher, but it is recommended to wash by hand to extend the life of some parts of the pot.
  • IMPORTANT: Valves must always be clean for you safety.


To use your cooker safely for long periods of time, clean safety and cooking valves after every cooking You can hold the valve from the top and screw out to remove, and reinstall easily after cleaning.


Turn the cooking valve clockwise and take it off easily.



Clean the cooking valve that you have taken off and its nest by swilling. Fix the cleaned valve to its nest by turning it counter clockwise. Be sure that you have fixed it in correct way.




These instructions do not include detailed recipes for pressure cooker. You may cook your meals and food according to your own recipes. Cooking time table helps you to adjust your cooking time.

The cooking time table was prepared only to give an opinion on the listed products and materials.

In order to decide the correct cooking time, you may decrease the cooking time used in regular cooking methods and use the materials that resemble the specified ones.

You will find out the cooking time with pressure cooker after a short time. We are confident that you will experience enjoyable cooking.

Cooking times of different food with your pressure cooker



Beef 45-50 min.

Veal 35-40 min.

Lamb 20-25 min.

Chicken 35-40 min.

Young chicken 20-25 min.


Dry Vegetables

Dried beans (moisturized) 20-25 min.

Chickpea (moisturized) 20-25 min.

Broad bean 20-25 min.


Fresh Vegetables

Fresh bean 20-25 min.

Eggplant 10-15 min.

Cauliflower 10-15 min.

Potato 8-10 min.

Peas 15-20 min.

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